Hello and welcome

Welcome to my website. I hope this year is being kind to you. Life stole a lot of my writing time oer the past few years and my web site suffered as a result of the theft. I have now resolved to try to improve my writing-life balance.

My poems are still here, as well as other writing. You will also find work by other writers, published and unpublished. The menu buttons should help you find your way round.  Please contact me if you have a problem. They may have got a little rusty.

I am hoping to give my site a bit of a ‘Spring Clean’ over the next few months – with the help of my much more expert ‘administrator’. Does anyone know of an any ‘patience’ enhancers? I expect he will need them having to work with me through the process.

As for me and my writing –  I have managed to do bits and pieces (I may even put a few poems on the site in the next week or so).  I have managed to ‘escape’ into my novel writing now and then – thank goodness. Writing can help ‘soul’ healing…. at least for me. And, one of my new year resolutions was to do more writing this year. Perhaps more than ever! Who knows?

Meanwhile,  please feel free to send me some of your work if you would like me to publish it on my web site  or just to get in touch .

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Pamela Gamesby, July 2022