The words below, written by Paul Ferris in 1974, could  be used to express so many of my  feelings about writing and the part it plays in our lives.

A State of Being

When I look at all the words, written down then typed out —
at this sort of time —

It’s very clear that most of them were written at one end of life.
Not the early end or even yet the late end, because life is not a length of time
– rather a state of being.

With a high end and a low end and a something in between,
or a somewhere in between.

At least, being between, wherever it is, I can look at the words
and see not where I’ve come from,
but something of what it was like being there.

That’s frightening.

This poem by Paul says so much about writing and words, where and when and how they are part of our lives, in all their rich variety, past, present and future. I love the concept of “being in the words” in whatever “state of being” we are experiencing. Do you get the same out of this poem as I do, I wonder? What do the other pieces say to you?

‘Miscellany’ is my place for all those pieces of writing which don’t seem to fit comfortably into any of the other categories. Here, you will eventually find fear, fun, frolics and a lot more – in poems, stories and prose written by myself and others.

  1.  Freedom Song by Pamela Gamesby (& Nelson Mandella?)
  2. A Head Teacher’s Diary Entry by Pamela Gamesby
  3. Drop Down  by Paul Ferris
  4. Sunday Breakfast with our Dad  by Josephine Hewitt
  5. Quintessentially Summer

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