Poetic Prose

What do I mean by ‘Poetic Prose’? There are so many definitions and differences of opinion I think It might help to say how I am using the term here.

I am restricting my ‘displays’ in this section to short pieces of prose which, to me, “feel” like poetry. They may not have the ‘forms’ we associate with poetry but they use words ‘poetically’. They might not have the ‘plot’ of a story but they describe a particular incident, place, passion, or anything else, in ways which evoke images and feelings more associated with poetry than ‘story telling’.

Such writing is often done in ‘Creative Writing’ sessions, and usually end there. Other pieces might just be written by someone because “the mood takes them” and are then forgotten, laid aside. This area of my website offers samples of my own work and that of other people. If you would like to send me some of your work, please contact me.

What I consider ‘none-poetic’  prose pieces can be found in Miscellany. I realise my choices about which pieces should go where will be very subjective but you can tell me why you disagree with me if you like.

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For the moment, there are two examples:

  1. Rebirth
  2. Rescued From The Loft
  3. People

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