Poetry plays a huge part in my life. I read poems every day, beginning with my first cup of coffee. I love what and how poems tell us about the poet as well as the ‘topic’; the images they help create in our imagination; the feelings they generate, help us remember or help us to ‘express’; the sheer beauty and clever use of words. Here you will find poems I like as well as poetry I have written.

See the new poems for February – at least one in each of the sections. The Index lists all the poems on the site in alphabetical order, cites the author and will take you directly to the poem, whichever page it is on in the web site. When poems are taken off the web site they will be taken out of the Index.

The main poetry sections are:

  1. My Own Poetry’  Poems I have written, organised under different themes.
  2. Other’s Poetry’    Poems I like, written by friends and other people.
  3. Poetic Prose’         Poetic prose written by myself and other people.
  4. ‘Index’                    Index of all the poems on the web site, including those in Miscellany.

Sometimes I have added comments  about the poems or prose, especially when I think they will add to the “story” or  explain why they appeal to me.

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