Other’s Poetry

I have enjoyed taking part in a variety of  writing courses, workshops and activities over several years, and still do. Currently, the poetry writing world is widely diverse and seems to be expanding more than ever, which is great news for poets and poetry.

In this part of website you will find poems other people have written which have appealed to me and which I would like to share with you. The ‘Poems by Friends and Others’ are (usually unpublished) poems written by friends or other people  who have agreed to let me display them here for a short while.

The ‘Published Poems’ are ones I have read recently which, for different  reasons, have attracted me at this time and which I think you might like to read. Of course, you will be very familiar with some of them but others may be new to you. I hope you enjoy them.

  1. Poems by friends and others
  2. Published Poems

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