In my adult life, writing stories has usually happened in ‘episodes’, times when I have deliberately planned to start writing stories again “at last”. These episodes, alas, rarely lasted more than a few months. Life always took over. It was, and is,  too easy for me to neglect this craft. It does not “itch in my brain” in the same way as poetry, despite the enjoyment and satisfaction  it gives.

I have attended quite a few ‘How To Write Short Stories’ courses over the years, mainly short workshops, squeezed into busy schedules, but a few longer courses. I  am also a very long-term student on the Writing Bureau’s  Correspondence Course, re-started about seven years ago. I finished the Short Story Writing Module more than two years ago. I confess to being very poor at keeping up with the assignments in a timely fashion. Fortunately for me, the course is not time-limited. The good news is now it is writing other things or doing things associated with the writing I am doing (like research or creating this web site) which gets in the way.

Some of the stories I will be showing on the web site were produced as a result of activities on that course, either directly or indirectly. Others have different ‘inspirations’.

I hope to use the web site to ‘persuade’ me to pay more attention to my short stories and to write more than I do currently. I plan to post a different story each month.  Some of the stories have a short introduction saying what prompted me to write them.

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Short Story for April    What Are Little Boys Made Of ?

Short Story for February   Safety First

Short Story for January   Outside.

Short Story for December  Thursday Night Special

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